From limited runs to large retail roll-outs, Accent Display uses state of the art technology with quality assurance measured throughout the production processes. Material capabilities include, but are not limited to a wide range of woods, plastics and metal.

  • Displays built to perform at retail.
  • State of the art craftsmanship.
  • Quality Assurance manufacturing.

Craftsmanship Case Study - Tura


Accent Display is highly experienced working with distributors responsible for product development of multiple licenses. We understand the challenge of developing unique display programs specific to each individual brand.

Our Design team researches appropriate material swatches, shapes, and colors within a brands standard to produce a series of customized conceptual renderings that appear to be a natural extension of the licensed brands overall aesthetic.

This results in brand appropriate designs that meet the functional requirements of the project.


“Working with Accent Display is a pleasure, as they make our job easier.  They are consistent, reliable, and their products meet our high quality standards. Their attention to detail and response time is a valuable asset to our marketing efforts.”

~  Thank You Accent Display!

- Tura Eyewear

Let Accent Display take your brand to market with creative, custom displays that drive your product sales.

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