Accent Display provides in-depth research on products, consumers and retail environments to create custom, tailor-made solutions that speak to your brand’s DNA. Our design team listens to your vision, challenges, likes and dislikes to create a series of 3D renderings. Then, based on your chosen design, our engineers develop value added build solutions.

  • Collaborative concept development process.
  • Brand appropriate design.
  • Creative solutions that are engineered to perform at retail.

Creative Case Study - Jane Iredale


Jane Iredale had 5 to 10 glorifiers of varying size, shape and materials presenting their different product collections, creating an incompatible in-store presentation.  As they continued to roll-out new products and collections, they wanted to create a clean, consistent brand presentation that would allow them flexibility to house a variety of product collections without changing the base structure.


Accent Display worked with the Jane Iredale’s team to design and produce two injection molded base presentations using the same color, material and on shelf depth.  This base system can house a variety of product collections while keeping fresh with new graphics and inserts.  The added bonus is decreased costs through bulk purchasing the injection molded bases, with different graphics.


“Accent Display offers a wide range of capabilities and innovative solutions which have met all of our merchandising needs. Accent’s staff consistently delivers timely and thorough communications regarding quotes, lead times, and status reports. We have been very happy with the many projects we’ve working on together since our partnership started in 2012 and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.”

-  Merchandising Manager - Jane Iredale

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